JUUL 2 Blackcurrant Tobacco Pods

25.99 лв.



Blackcurrant Tobacco JUUL2 pods feature a classic tobacco flavour with ripe blackcurrant notes.

JUUL2 pods are only to be used with a JUUL2 Device. The JUUL2 Device is designed to only function with authentic JUUL2 pods manufactured by Juul Labs.

What’s in the box?
JUUL2 pods contain our uniquely satisfying e-liquid.
Our e-liquid contains a proprietary formulation which includes Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, Water, Nicotine, Benzoic acid, flavourings.

– 2 JUUL2 pods
– Blackcurrant Tobacco Flavour
– 1 JUUL2 pod contains 1.2 mL
– Nicotine concentration: 18 mg/mL
– Total nicotine content: 21.6 mg/JUUL2 pod